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Gothic Charm

Post by ladyqueen on Mon May 11, 2009 9:56 am

Supplies needed for this tutorial can be found HERE. no outside filters Yayyy!

encluded in the supplies, gothic word art by me,brad and charm by me, font of choice or the one I'm using from Rosemany Roman @ and 2 tubes of choice..and chain i received through yahoo group.

the tubes I am using are those from the beautiful art of Robin McQuay ,You must have a valid license from up your art to use these tubes.

K lets get started..Open all your supplies and tubes in psp,

Open a new 484x385 transparent image

flood fill with a color from your tube..I am using #367469

go to effects/texture effects with these settings.

image/add border (symmetric checked size 4, color black) hit ok.

open a new 600x600 transparent image and flood fill with white. copy and paste the bordered bg you just made onto this new canvas. this is your frame,you can delete that framed bg now we wont need that anymore.

over on the layer palette duplicate your frame on the original go to adjust/blur/gaussian blur/ radius 4. push ok

then go to effects/distortion effects/ curlicues with these settings.push ok

open up your first tube (im using RM greenflower) paste as a new layer on your canvas.resize by 70% and then use your deform tool to fit her inside your frame.move this tube to the far right side of your frame . if your using a different tube just resize to fit in the frame. and move over.

open up your next tube (im using RM mysterious beauty) rize like you did before and fit inside the frame.and move over to the left.

lower the opacity of this tube to around 50%, go to your free hand tool (selection type: point to point )mode-add (feather set to 10)

draw around your first tube on the side like this

marching ants will be around your selection, hit delete on the keyboard.selections/select none.

x out your background layer (your white layer) and merge visible the other layers.

now move this layer down a little bit ,copy and paste your chain as a new layer and move to the top of your tag. copy and paste the silver brad as a new layer and move to the right hand side of the chain, duplicate and the same with the charm. and move your charm layer underneat the silver brand on both sides.(charm has two layers so you can chose to use the green color in the middle or not. If you use the green color then on the top right click copy merged and then paste on the tag. add drop shadow of your choice.

(check finished tag for placement)

next chose a word art phrase and paste it as a new layer onto your tag..( I am using gothic charm) place it at the far left bottom of the tag. add a drop shadow with these settings. effects/3d drop shadow.

Vertical &horizonal = 0,opacity =100, blur = 8.00 color may want to add the drop shadow again just to make it brighter thats up to you.

k now its time to add your name..background color black and foreground set to null..size 48 if your using the same font as me.type out your name hit ok. now dupliacte your name and on the original go to adjust blur/gaussian blur = 4

now to colorize your blurred name layer..make sure your foreground color is set to the color of your choice or use mine #367469, settings dont matter..take your mouse ,hold down your left side of the mouse and go across your blurred name. this will change the color.

k ,now we are finished ,just add your proper copyright to the tag and license number if needed . resize if needed..I resized mine by 80% merge visible all layers and save tag as jpeg.

hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed writting it for you. Smile

heres another example

background by LadyQueen
Code By Missy


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