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Post by ladyqueen on Mon May 11, 2009 9:58 am

Popeye Wong Master Piece Finished

for this tutorial you will need psp,animation shop and eyecandy 4000 optinal.for gradient glow on text
my supplies HERE and HERE
encluded in supplies..is two popeye wong tubes, and my hanging canvas
and also this filter *Outliner* its a free filter for the pencil looking effect.
If you dont want to use this filter you can always use the pencil effect in psp..art media effects/black pencil and play around with the setting until you find something you like.
font I used in this tutorial is Black Chancery
Ok..lets begin..open a new 550x550 transparent image..flood fill with white.
Open the tube labeled a glimpse to the past copy and paste it onto your image.resize by 80% and again at 90%..move her over to the far left as much as you can without cutting parts of her off.keep this image open in psp.but you can minimize for now,we will be using her again.I also put the sunburst effect on her..If you want to do that ,here are the settings.
Popeye Wong Master Piece Preview1
Now copy and paste the new tube on your image the one labeled a fragile talent..resize by 80% 2 times and one time at 90% and move this layer under your first tube layer.so that she sits behind her as she looking to draw her lol.
find your text tool font tool size 48 and with your background color set to blue #4055D2 set stroke to 0.type out your text at the top of the image over your tubes.you can put whatever you want there or you can name it like I did Popeye Master Piece.you may have to use the deform tool to fit your text on the canvas. convert to raster layer..add your gradient glow or just a drop shadow of your choice..I used eye candy 4000 gradient glow with these settings.
Popeye Wong Master Piece Popeye2
add your name at the bottom,font size 36 this time use your deform tool to rotate it.I used the same gradient on my name.
ok now here comes the fun part lol.
Open the canvas I supplied.and resize it by 80% 2 times.copy and paste as a new image and close out the original. leave it for a min and open up your a glimpse to the past tube..on the tube we want to put the outliner filter on it before we put it on the canvas.
go to plugins/imageskill/outliner/ edges 1/details 0 and black on white checked.
copy and paste this on to the hanging canvas,resize the tube..I resized by 80% like 4 times.add a drop shadow to the tube..v&h=0,opacity 54,color black.
at this time put your cr info on your tag..I put mine on the hanging canvas.and duplicated it so it would be more visible.
You can copy and paste the canvas to your main image just to make sure it fits and have a good idea of where the canvas needs to be hanging when we go to animation shop and then you can delete it from there..here is what you should have now minus the hanging canvas.
Popeye Wong Master Piece Finished

Now is time for the animation..have animation shop opened..we will be working both in psp and AS at this time.
ok back in psp..x out the tube layer,you should only have your hanging canvas and your cr info if you put it there . copy merged layer and paste it into animation shop as a new animation.
open the tube layer back up.and find your eraser tool,size 84 and hardness set to 38,we are going to erase parts of the girl ,so on the tube layer..eraser the whole bottom of the girl.leaving only a piece of her head at the top.
copy merged again and in animation shop right click on top of the first frame ,paste after current frame.
back to psp undo all what you have erased and erase all of the bottom of the girl except a little more of her head..your going to want to refer back to animation shop to see where you erased so you have more of her head showing this time.
copy merged and paste in animation shop,on the second frame..paste after current frame.
your going to do this in psp and back in animation shop until you have everything erased.your very last frame is going to be the whole tube of the girl.number of frames is going to vary depending on how much or less you decide to erase at a time.my animation has 31 frames.
view your animation and if you like the way it looks ,select your very last frame,and set the frame properties to 50..animation/frame properties/display time to 50...

lets move on to the next step.leave your animation in as and go back to psp..we are going to animate the hand on the fragile tube. so with your fragile tube highligted on your layer pallette.
find your free hand selection tool,point to point.and draw around the hand try not to ger her hair or the desk..right click copy and then right click paste as a new layer..the hand will be by its self..selections/select none,now put the copied hand over the hand on the tube..in the same spot.with your deform tool..move the pencil over to the right a little bit..some of the pencil from the tube layer is going to be showing..go to the tube layer and eraser the hand with the pencil in it.back on your hand layer,just the hand ,adjust sharpen.
copy merged and paste into animation shop as a new animation.
back to psp and rotate the hand layer to the right this time a little bit..you may have to eraser parts of the hand again on the tube layer.copy merged and paste as a new animation in as.
view your animation and make sure you like the way it looks.and that the hand isnt flying off the page or anything lol..it took me a few trys.
were not finished yet..so dont go anywhere lol.
you should now have 2 frames of the hand animation opened in animation shop.and your pencil animation minimized. on your hand animation.on the first frame.copy and go to your second frame paste after current frame..then on the second frame.copy and go to the 3rd frame and paste after current frame..your going to do this as many times as you have frames for your pencil animation.make sure you copy the previous frame and paste after the next frame. do this until you have as many frames as your pencil animation..so again mine is 31 so I have to do this until i reach 31 frames.
when your finished make sure you like how your animation looks. click on the very last frame.make use its the only frame highlighted and change the frame properties to 50. animation/frameproperties/display time 50.
ok..we are finished with that..on your tag with the hand animation..go to edit at the top of Animation shop,edit/select all..edit/propogate paste
back on the pencil animation..go to edit/select all/copy
paste into selection on the hand *your tag* animaion.in its proper place.
view your animation once more to make sure you like the way it looks.
if you like the way it looks..you can resize your tag now..I resized mine at..animation/resize/400x400 pixes
now we are all finished..you can save your tag yayyy!!
I had to upload my finished tag to photobucket to share it with the group..because if i try to upload it here it says..image is to big or something like that.
I hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial ,thank you for tring it. Smile

this tutorial was writen by me LadyQueen onMay 10th 2007,in paint shop pro 8.my own creation.

artwork ©️Popeye Wong www.popeyewong.com
background by LadyQueen
Code By Missy


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