The Right Reason (PTU)

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The Right Reason (PTU)

Post by ♦Aqua♦ on Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:52 pm

What you will need:

PaintShop Pro, I used version 9, but I'm sure any version will work.

A tube of choice, I used the beautiful artwork of Jennifer Janesko, which you can purchase through CILM. Please do not use this artwork without a licesne from CILM!!

Scrap kit, I used the lovely PTU kit by Laura's Designs, called A Mother's Love, which you can check at her blog HERE, for details on buying it.

Mask - AquaRebel315-mask-012, you can grab it HERE.

Font of choice, I used Beautiful.

Filters Used:

Xero Porcelain

Eye Candy 4000 (Optional)

Open a 600 X 600 transparent canvas, floodfill white.

Open mask and minimize in PSP. Add a Raster layer. Selections - Select All, copy and paste a paper of choice, I used paper 11. Layers - New Mask Layer - From image - choose my mask from drop down list. Invert mask data UNCHECKED. Click ok.

Merge group.

Copy and paste frame Big Heart Frame, resize by 80% and add drop shadow of choice. Using magic wand, click inside heart. Selections - Modify - Expand by 5, copy and paste paper of choice, I used paper 33. Selections - Invert - hit delete on keyboard. Copy and paste tube of choice, resize if needed - hit delete on keyboard. Selections - Select None. Arrange tube and paper layer to below frame. Highlight tube layer and apply Xero - Porcelain, settings below in screenshot.

Copy and paste doodle of choice, I used 4. Resize 75% - Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise - Settings below.

Adjust - Sharpen. Duplicate layer - Image - Flip - Image Mirror. Merge doodle layers together. Move layer to above mask layer.

Highlight top layer. Copy and paste letter to Mu, resize 75% twice. Add your choice of words. I used "Love will always be the right reason!!". Drop shadow of choice.

Copy and paste curled ribbon, resize 75% twice and drop shadow.

Copy and paste Satin flower 3, resize 50% twice, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste satin flower1, resize 40% twice, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste Heart Button 2, resize to liking, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste LD_AMI_1_ribbon_5, resize to liking, duplicate layer and move one of the layers to below the Heart button. Drop shadow top ribbon and erase parts so it looks like it's going through the heart button.

Add Copyright info, watermark & name. I used Beautiful font and added a gradient glow, drop shadow.

Crop, if needed, and save as png or jpg.

Thank you for trying my tutorial. Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely unintentional. Written March 12, 2009. Registered with TWI.

Art by Jennifer Janesko
Kit by Laura's Designz
Code by Missy. Please do not remove!!


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