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Post by ladyqueen on Mon May 11, 2009 9:59 am

Burned (popeye wong) Devilishdarling

This is what we will be making.

Supplies needed for this tut
my supplies HEREwhich include the tube, the bead, the charms, red ,yellow,orange gradient, and mask.
If any of these supplies belong to you, let me know so I can give credit

or you could use your own tubes.
font of your choice,eye candy 4000 for fire and gradient glow.

open up a new 650x650 transparent image..flood fill with white,,go to your present shape tool, find your rectangle shape..line style solid. width 8..for your foreground color change it to a color from your tube..in my example I used # EA2522 and for your background color pick black.
draw out a big rectangle, go to object/align/center in canvas..convert to raster layer on your layer pallete.

now go to your magic wand tool..tolerance set to 0 and click inside your rectangle..new raster layer and flood fill with gradient of your choice or the one I supplied..angel set to 180 ,repeats 0..selections/select none..go to image/flip so that the orange is at the top. now go to layers/load mask from disk,find your mask and add it with these settings.

go to your layer pallette and delete the mask layer by right clicking on that layer and push delete..a box will come up asking if you want to merge the layer below push yes...then click on that layer and merge group...resize this mask layer by 80% and then use the deform tool to make it a bit smaller or to your liking..make sure you leave plenty of room at the top to add fire.

Add your gradient glow at this time..color same as your border # EA2422 .glow width 8, soft corners 25,overall opacity 100 ,draw only outside selection checked.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer..see my finished tag for placement..or put it where you want to..add a drop shadow of your choice...select a bead that is with the supplies to match the tube..place them where you would like them and add your charms of choice or the ones I supplied.

now go to your text tool and with the font of your choice type out your saying..or the one I have on my tag.."mess with me and you might get burned" convert to raster layer and add a gradient glow to the saying.

Now its time to add your fire..everyone has their own way of animating but this is the way I do it..it seems so much quicker lol..Go ahead and open animation shop at this time ,if you dont already have it opened.

in psp click on your fire mask..go to eye candy 4000 fire,click on settings and restore to factory default.. on color check natural spectrum
then use these settings
Burned (popeye wong) Firesettings

click at the top of your image..copy and go to animation shop and right click paste as a new animation..go back to psp and undo what you just did..go back to eye candy 4000 fire..push random seed..and change the movement to 38..right click on the top of the tag ,copy and back to animation shop ..click on the image we just put there ,paste after current frame.

view your animation in animation shop, if you are happy with the animation..you can now resize your tag..and we are all finished yayy!!!

hope you enjoyed this tut as much as I have .

This tutorial was written by me LadyQueen on Aug 12th ,2007.

feel free to print my tutorials for your own personal use..but please do not share them in other groups..You can however link them to the group,so that they can join,if they would like to try my tutorials,

artwork ©️Popeye Wong www.Popeyewong.com
background by LadyQueen
Code By Missy


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