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Post by ladyqueen on Mon May 11, 2009 10:01 am

Shot through the heart Shotthroughtheheartjaylyn

Shot through the Heart

written in psp 9 by LadyQueen on January 25th 2009 A big Thank you and Hug to Jaylyn for helping me name the tutorial
this is also were I come up with the word art. Very Happy

supplies need : Eye candy gradient glow *optional*
psp and animation shop
Missy template 92 from her blog Devine Intentions HERE
3 scrapkit papers of your choice *optional*I used Bea's Valentine kit from HERE
My arrow animation and word art (psp format) open in psp
you can download from my 4 share HERE
11 tubes from the same artist *note you can use any artist and duplicate the same tube to use in this tut*
I use the are of Elias Chatzoudis tubes you must have a license and purchase them from my psp tubes
to use the same ones.
©️Elias Chatzoudis mpt 1113

Open up your template 92 in psp
duplicate your template by pushing ctrl D on your keyboard,
you can close original out now.
change your canvas size ,by going to image/resize canvas 700x550 pixels
we can resize later
flood fill the background layer white
click on circle layer/make sure its highlighted in your layer palette
go to selections/select all/float/defloat
with a paper of your choice copy and paste it as a new layer on
your circle layer.your paper layer should be highlighted
now in your layer palette. selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard
selections/select none. add a blk gradien glow to this layer.
you can delete you circle temp layer now we don't need it anymore
now we are going to add all the tubes to your heart temp. make sure your heart
layer is highlighted on the layer palette.
now you can do this one or two ways. we are going to do it my way LOL *see preview for refrence*
selections/select all/float/defloat
selections/modify/contract by 1
open your first tube copy and paste as a new layer over on your image
do not deselect.resize your tube as nessecary,i resized mine to about 50%
place were the face of the tube is inside the heart.
copy your second tube paste as a new image ,place face inside the heart
keep doing this until you have all the tube faces inside each heart.
when your finished. go to selections/invert and on each tube layer
hit delete on your keyboard,this will take off the parts of the tube we don't need
selections/select none
now some parts of your tube might be inside the other hearts. all you have to do is click the tube
and use your eraser took to erase the bits inside the other hearts.make sure you stay on the right

Shot through the heart Previewselections

now go back to your heart layer selections/select all/float/defloat copy and paste
a paper of your choice selections/invert/ hit delete on your keyboard.selections/select none
add the same gradient glow to this layer. you can delete the heart temp layer now.

do the same thing with the circle shape layer.selections/select all/ float/defloat
copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer selections/invert hit delete on your keyboard.
add same gradient to this layer. and delete the circle shape layer.

x out your background layer in your layer palette, right click on one of the other layers
merge visible. unhide your background layer and move your template to the far right and up a bit ,leave enough
room at the top and on the side for your word art.

If you use my word art
copy and paste it as a new layer and just move over to fit around the big circle in your tag.
copy and paste your main tube as a new layer and place to the left unto your canvas add a drop shadow of your choice.

go ahead and add your cr info to the tag. your going to want to put it somewhere besides the middle I put
mine at the very bottom.
and go ahead and add your name.. I also added this to the bottom using fontdinerdotcom from
and erased the hearts
that covered up my word art.
your tag should now look something like this.
Shot through the heart Previewtag2

now its time to get our animation up the my supplied love arrows in psp (already named by layer)
copy and paste your middle circle layer as a new layer on your tag, move over to the center of your big circle
with all the tubes.rename middle circle
go back to the love on arrow 1 in the layer palette copy and paste as a new layer on your tag
move this underneat your middle circle but above your circle tag with the tubes
place where the tip of the arrow is pointing to the very top heart.
add a white glow to the heart if you like. and in the layer palette rename this layer to arrow 1
go back to the love arrows copy arrow 2 ,then paste on your tag as a new layer, place facing the next heart in line
in your layer palette
rename this layer to arrow 2.
keep doing this until you have all the arrows lined up on your tag. (arrows are already lined up you just have to
place them where they need to go,if that make sense ? lol) its better to name your layers so that you don't get messed up.

now x out all arrows except arrow 1 , x out background layer as well.
have arrow 1 layer highlighted in the layer palette
this is what your tag and palette should look like now.

Shot through the heart Finishewitharrow

Shot through the heart Layerpallettepreview

If your still following me at this point then your animation is ready to go. (If your wanting to make this tag
for others follow the steps completely except leave the name off. until we get this over to animation shop)
K open up animation shop we will be working in both psp and animation shop at this time.

go to the top of your tag in the blue area right click and chose copy merged. go to animation shop
right click in the empty space there paste as a new animation.

back to psp x out arrow layer 1 and hightlight arrow layer 2 on the love arrow canvas. back to the top of the tag, copy merged, go to animation shop right click in the frame chose paste after current frame.
back to psp x out arrow 2 and open up arrow layer 3 right click copy merged. go to animation shop, right click inside
the second frame. paste after current frame.

keep doing this back and forth from psp to animation shop..pasting after current frame each time in the last frame in animation shop
until you have 10 frames in animation shop.

now you might want to change the frame properties to slow your arrow down a little do this go to edit at
the top of animation all then back up to animation change the frame properties to about 20
view your animation and if you like the way it turned out its time to resize and save go to animation
resize animation..i resize mine 550x500 file/save as and your done Very Happy
Yayyy we are all finished
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial Smile

please do not share this tutorial with anyone out side this group, but direct them to join if they would like to do it Smile

Background By LadyQueen


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