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Sweet and Innocent (FTU kit) Empty Sweet and Innocent (FTU kit)

Post by ladyqueen on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:03 pm

Sweet and Innocent

Sweet and Innocent (FTU kit) SweetNInnocentGarv_Tonya-vi

This is the tag we'll be making and what you'll need:

• Cute & Girly scrapkit made by the fabulous Yvette available for download. If you choose to download this kit, please 'leave some love' on her 4shared in appreciation, it's what helps keep these freebies free lol.

• I used Mask 17 from Babe's blog, please leave some love if you download.

• Tube I used was by Keith Garvey which is available for purchase through My PSP Tubes, any tube that you wish to use will do though. Please do not use the tube I used without a proper license to do so.

• Wordart piece I used was by Bwitchen and you can get it here.

• Filters I used were Mura Meisters Copies, Eye Candy 4000 Glass, and Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow.

• Font used was 1 Archer DNA, which unfortunately I cannot supply, but any font will do.

Okay ready, let's go make a pretty tag!

• Open up a new canvas 700x700 with a white background, it makes it easier for us to see what we are doing. We are going to make the frame from an element woohoo! I opened up Flower branch 3, re-sized it by 45% and rotated 90° to the right. Now grab your freehand selection tool and draw around the stem. Basically we are going to remove the part from the last blue flower on down. Once you've selected all hit delete and select none. You may need to remove a few pixels if anything is left that you don't want in there. Once happy, go and apply Mura Meister's Copies filter using the Encircle setting. I just used the default settings on that Encircle setting. Voila looks pretty don't it? Center in your tag. At this point I re-sized my canvas down to 600 x 600.

• Using your magic wand tool and a tolerance of 0, click inside your frame. Expand your selections by 25. Yeah I know that's a lot but that's to get all those tiny spaces within the flowers. Add a new layer on top of the white background layer and paste a paper of choice in the selection on that new layer. I used paper 11. Now leaving your selection as is, add another new layer on top of that paper layer. I used a texture brush to add some color to that paper (using a blue from the flowers). Once you're happy, select none.

• Time to add our tube on there! I put the tube above the paper and texture but below the frame, and re-sized as appropriate. Once happy with the position, we are going to have her peaking out of the frame a bit. On the tube layer, select all, float, and defloat, contract the selection by 1 pixel. This will avoid those sometimes harsh lines, make it look more natural. Now on your frame layer, grab your eraser tool and erase the parts of the frame to make the tube show. Because we have the tube selected, only the parts of the frame in that selection will be erased. Once happy select none.

• Lets add some wordart! Using the piece from Bwitchen, what I did is using my freehand selection tool, selected around the gray/black one and once I had it all selected, copied, and pasted as a new image. This puts it all by itself and then I made a brush tip (File, Export, Custom Brush). Name it something you will remember. Using a blue color from the flowers and adding a new layer to the tag we're making, grab your brush tool, find your new brush you just exported and click a couple of times on your tag. I clicked a couple of times to make it just a little darker and thicker. Select all, float, defloat and apply an inner bevel setting of choice. Select none and apply a gradient glow of choice. I used the color white and a width of about 5. Just a nice subtle glow to make it stick out more and then a nice drop shadow.

• On your white background layer, select all, add a new layer and paste paper of choice into selection, I used paper 3. Select none and apply Babe's mask, merge layer group. I chose to also apply some bling bling above mask layer. Using glitterspill2 element, I used manual color correction to match up to the blue tones in the tag and pasted the element onto tag as a new layer (above mask layer) and re-sized as appropriate, (I used 75%). Duplicate and mirror, merge down. Duplicate again and flip and merge down again. Duplicate one more time lol and rotate 90° and merge down. Voila we're done with that and got a nice bling effect.

• At this point I re-sized my tag to its ending size and then did my ©️ brush for the artist information and also put my taggers mark on. I always do this after re-sizing so it doesn't get all blurred. At this point also do any sharpening on the images that needs to be done. I also duplicated tube layer, moved duplicate below original tube, applied a gaussian blur of 1 and on the original tube changed the blend mode to Soft Light.

• Now just add your text. I chose to use my preset shape ellipse and drew a circle around the frame and added my text on a curve. That's all just preference though, whatever you like to have on yours. For effects, I used a nice inner bevel again, applied Eye Candy Glass, and Eye Candy Gradient Glow with a nice drop shadow. Hide the preset shape layer if you used that and save as png or jpeg.

Okay that's it! Pretty but effective technique and I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

This tutorial was written by Tonya on January 2, 2010 and absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my expression permission.

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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