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Post by ♦Aqua♦ on Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:03 pm

This is the tag we'll be making, another nice easy scrappy tag. So, here's what you'll need:

• I used the scrapkit That's Amour by the very talented Stina please go to her blog to check out her stores. Click here to go to Stina's Blog.

• Mask I used was by Vix, you can get it here under the Goodies section, I used mask 320, all her masks there are fab!

• The filters I used were Toadies What Are You, Xero Porcelain, Xero Mistifier, Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow, and Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow.

• Pretty brush of choice.

• Font used was Goldy's Valentine, but use whatever font you wish.

Okay ready, let's go this is an easy tag that is just stunning in the end!

• Open a new image with a white background 700 x 700. I like to start big so I have lots of room to work around in. Paste frame of choice (I used Knotted Heart 02) as a new layer, re-sizing as appropriate. Click inside frame with magic wand and expand by about 10. Underneath the frame add a new layer and paste paper of choice (I used paper 27) into selection on new blank layer.

• On white background layer, select all, add a new layer and paste paper of choice as a new layer (I used paper 25). Apply Vix' pretty mask and merge layer groups. Duplicate and move copy below mask and apply Toadies What Are You (default settings) to that copy. On original masked layer, I changed opacity to about 48.

• Okay now here is the sequence of adding of elements, use whatever you like, this kit is HUGE and offers sooooo many options. I added Glitter Spill 1 above masked layer, but below the paper inside the heart frame. Looks purdy? Good let's continue on. On the paper layer, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer and use brush of choice on that new layer. I used a pretty floral one with a red from the poser tube I used from the kit. With having it selected on just the paper, you will only apply the brush inside there.

• Above heart frame, I pasted wire heart 2, re-size as needed. Move to the left hand side of tag (see mine for placement ideas if you like). Paste dove heart 2 next, re-size as needed. Paste Sparkles 2 as a new layer, then the rest of the elements as you like, again re-sizing as you go so you know what looks good. Use my tag to give you ideas but make it your own!

• Now I opened up the clouds element and used the manual color correction tool to color the clouds as I wanted to match them up closer to the tag. I chose one of the main blues in the clouds as the source color and the target to be a lighter red from the masked layers. You may need to play around and try a few to get what you like. Paste onto tag as a new layer, re-size as needed and then I duplicated and mirrored them so it gave more cloud cover to speak.

• Using one of the many available wordarts, I pasted as a new layer and lined up on the clouds. I applied/created a gradient glow through Eye Candy 4 to give it more definition. Now make sure to add your tube in. I used one of the posers in the kit, it just fit so well this time, no need to waste time looking through all my tubes lol. Re-size as you like.

• At this point, I re-sized my tag to my ended tag size, sharpening whatever layers need it and applying drop shadows so it looks all nice. I used Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow, but if you don't have the filter, you can achieve same effect with drop shadow within psp. On the tube, I applied Xero Porcelain and then Xero Mistifier (both using default settings) gave her a nice muted glow.

• All that's left is to add the copyright information. In my tag, as per the TOU file with the kit, gave credit to the poser maker and noted kit was by Stina and then my taggers watermark. Add your text, I used Goldy's Valentine size 48 and applied an inner bevel, applied same setting of gradient glow as created earlier, and a nice blurry drop shadow. Then I rotated the text 70° to the left and placed on the tag element. Hide white background layer and save as a png and voila you're done!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, told ya it was an easy one ♥️

This tutorial was written by Tonya on January 19, 2010, absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission. Any part that may be similar to any tutorial is purely coincidental and unintended.

Designed By Stina.


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