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Post by ♦Aqua♦ on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:45 pm

This is the tag we'll be making and what you'll need:

• San Valentin scrapkit by Lizquis Scraps, please leave some love if you download!

• I used a tube of Elias Chatzoudis' which I purchased and is available for purchase at My PSP Tubes. Please do not use this tube if you do not have appropriate license to do so.

• I used a mask from the Creative Misfits blog, the one I chose to use was heartmask.

• I used Toadies What Are You, Filters Unlimited 2, Super Blade Pro, Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow, Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow, and Xero Porcelain. Whew! That's it, I do love my filters lol.

• Animation Shop if you choose to animate.

• Font I used was MC Sweetie Hearts which you can get at DaFont.

Okay ready, let's go make a really easy scrappy tag!

• Open up a new canvas, I used 700x700 with a white background so there was lots of space to work and see what we are doing. I opened up element marco_sv3 and pasted on canvas as a new layer, re-size to your liking (I did mine at 85%). Click inside the frame with your magic wand tool and expand selections by 15 or whatever number you like. On your white background layer, add a new layer and paste a paper of choice into selection on that new layer. I used paper 7. Select none.

• On white background layer, select all, add a new layer and paste paper of choice into selection on the new layer (I used paper 4). Select none and apply heartmask and merge layer group. Using your deform tool, and maximize your image you are working on I pulled the mask layer up some so that we can see more of the mask effect on top of the frame. I also pulled both of the sides in so it looked more closer to the shape of the frame. I re-sized my mask layer by 95% (that layer only, make sure you have unchecked re-size all layers in that box). Duplicate the masked layer, and move that duplicate below the original and apply Toadies What Are You filter (I just used the default settings of 20). Voila doesn't that look purdy?

• Alright now lets get our tube in there. I used a lovely Elias tube cuz well I just loveeeeee Elias' art lol and this matched well with the kit. Anywhoo take your tube of choice and paste on top of frame, re-size the tube to your liking. After you have situated how you want, on the frame layer, select all, float, defloat, and contract selections by 1. Grab your eraser tool and on the tube layer, erase any bits of the tube that hang over onto the frame that you don't want appearing. When done, select none and on mine some of the tube was still over the bottom of the frame so I just carefully erased that part.

• At this point I did my cropping and re-sizing that I wanted, and sharpen any layers that needed it. On my tube layer, I sharpened and then applied Xero Porcelain two times. (LOL I know you're wondering why twice, I just thought it looked like it need more glow that's all). Add any elements of choice. I used dec_alas and re-sized placing at top of heart but behind the tube layer and also dec_corazon_sv6 as well. Re-size as appropriate. That's about all I used for elements, I know it's pretty basic but sometimes that works lol. Add any drop shadows at this point, I used Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow for that but if you don't have the filter you can easily use drop shadow within PSP too.

• Add the artist's copyright and your taggers watermark. I always do this step after re-sizing so that the copyright information is most clear. Grab your text tool and let's add your text now too. I used the font MC Sweetie Hearts with colors of white and I applied Super Blade Pro a lovely gelly pink setting, then applied Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow, and a blurry drop shadow, use settings of whatever are your favorites.

• I decided to animate! Duplicate those angel wings layer twice so you have a total of 3 layers. I chose to use a noise filter that comes with Filters Unlimited 2, called Add Noise (RGB) which is under Noise Filters, I like this one because it adds a bit of colorful sparkle, something just a wee bit different than DSB Flux one. Okay on one of the angel wings layers, (hiding the other two), I used the default which comes up on mine as 88. Hide that layer, and unhide the middle angel wings layer, repeat the plugin again, this time I used a setting of 84. Hide the middle layer, and unhide the 3rd layer of the angel wings that does not have a filter effect on them and apply the filter again using a setting of 80.

• Okay now that we got our tag done and our layers, for the animation, all we have to do is actually animate it. What I do, is make sure you have 2 of the angel wings layers hidden and all other layers visible, including the white background layer. I know some cringe at the white background layer but with Animation Shop if I have any sort of partial transparency it turns very bad so me and AS agreed if I used a white background it would play nice with me. Okay so with 2 of those layers hidden, right click in the title bar of your image, and choose Copy Merged. Over in Animation Shop, paste as a new animation. Go back to PSP, hide that angel wings layer, and unhide the 2nd one, do a Copy Merged again, and over in AS, paste after current (it should be a button in your toolbar). Repeat this process for the 3rd layer of the angel wings. Okay now I just do my optimization wizard, play my animation and save as a GIF.

• That's it! I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!

This tutorial was written by Tonya on January 31, 2010 and absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission. Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Scrap kit by Lizquis Scraps


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