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Check the boobies (free to use kit) Empty Check the boobies (free to use kit)

Post by ladyqueen on Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:09 pm

This is the tag we'll be making, mostly I made this tag from a simple mask challenge. So, here's what you'll need:

• Tube I used was by Caron Vinson and can only be used with a license which can be obtained for purchase at CILM however any tube you want to use will do.

• Mask I used was by Essex Girl, I will provide it for you.

• The filters I used but none are necessarily required, more for effects: Xero Porcelain, Eye Candy Glass, Eye Candy Gradient Glow.

• Font used was TheNaughtigal and also Monika Bold, but use whatever font you wish.

• I used a couple of elements from a scrapkit too, the one I used was by Scrappity Scrap and More, her Think Pink kit, it is a FTU and you can get it HERE

Here is the mask you'll need:
Check the boobies (free to use kit) Sg_stencilledfloraldiamond-vi

Okay ready, let's go!

1. Open up a large canvas, I usually start with 600 x 700 with a white background. I like to start large and then re-size as needed later, just so I have lots of space to work with. We will re-size and crop later. Now some don't like white backgrounds, that's okay, before you save, just hide the background and voila transparent. Very Happy

2. Add a new layer and flood fill with a color from your tube, I chose to use #fd73a9. Apply your mask, make sure you selected it inverted so when you apply the area around is white. Do not merge your mask layers yet.

3. Now see all that pink in the middle? I'd much prefer that was white, so here's how I'm going to change it (taught myself something new here lol). On your layer pallette make sure that you have the mask layer selected. Take your magic wand tool, have mine set to a tolerance of about 20. Now go to Selections, Modify, Smooth. I actually chose about 75 for the number. Then on your layer palette click on your color layer and press delete. Select none, merge your mask layers, and voila!

4. Okay next let's fit our tube in there. Now the original tube is a tiny bit smaller than what I want so I did re-size the tube about 125% after pasting onto my working canvas. I want her to look like she is coming out of the frame. So after pasting the image, I re-sized my canvas to what I'd like to see the end-result of the tag size to be. (I know it's a little early but a good reason for it). So do your re-sizing to your preference at this point. I chose to re-size by 75%.

5. Now sharpen the tube because of having re-sized it blurs a little. Then I applied the Xero Porcelain filter, I love applying that one to tubes, makes it have a pretty glow on it. Duplicate your tube, have one underneath the mask and one above. Using your magic wand, select that area inside the mask and expand your selection by 2. On the bottom tube layer (the one under the mask), invert selections and press delete. Select none.

6. Go to your top tube layer, change to your rectangle selections tool and remove the very bottom of that tube, basically we are going to remove her tail, so we get that look of her popping out of the mask. Now see how that lighter shaded? That because the top part of her basically has 2 tubes, so let's fix that.

7. Still have your rectangle selection tool, go to your bottom tube again, and remove as much of it above what you removed on the top layer. LOL I know that sounds confusing but somehow it works. If there are any pieces that didn't get removed that you want to change, just manually use your eraser brush. Whew! Okay done with playing around with the tube now. Very Happy

8. Let's pretty up that blank area we deleted in the mask. Select that area again, expand your selections by 4 and have your pink color as your foreground color in the materials palette. Choose a texture brush of your liking. The one I had used is called gh_texture28, no idea where I got it. Make sure that the brush size is big enough to cover that area, the size I used on that one was 425. Select none.

9. Okay time to add some elements. From the scrapkit above, I used Awareness Ribbon1, Brad 1, and the heart hanger. I colorized the inside of the brad and also the ribbon, using the colors from my mask (used 239 and 249 for the Hue and Saturation). Place elements however you wish.

10. Text time now. I chose to put the Check the boobies along the top and Be Aware! along bottom using the font Monika Bold, any font will do though. I used the color from the mask and applied an inner bevel, Eye Candy Glass and Gradient Glow and a drop shadow. I also rotated about 30 degrees to the left, or you can use your deform tool, whichever you prefer.

11. At this time I put my ©️ and watermark information on the tag.

12. Add the text of the name, I used TheNaughtigal for mine and same thing as the above text for effects.

That's it! We're done, I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and I look forward to seeing what you create with it.

This tutorial was written by Tonya on June 27, 2009, it is completely my own ideas, any likeness to any tutorial is purely coincidental. Absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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