Totally Huge Fan (ptu kit used)

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Totally Huge Fan (ptu kit used)

Post by ladyqueen on Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:57 pm

Totally Huge Fan


supplies need for this tut

•psp 9 , but im sure can be done in other versions of psp. tutorial also includes a few tips for newer pspers.

•tubes of choice..I used two tubes from Elias Chatzoudis,you must have license and purchase these tubes from my psp tubes in order to use the same tubes. but any tubes will do

•font of choice I used Luxury Royale

• Filters used -Mura's Meister Copies
Eye candy 4000 Gradient glow optional

•Scream my name Collab kit by Sarah and TammyKat at pimp my tags with scraps. You can purchase the kit in their store

•Mask 23 by Aqua , you can download her mask HERE

•my supplies/include frame and push pinHERE


Ok lets get started shall we ?

Go ahead and get your supplies opened in psp and just minimize those for right now.

open a new 650x650 transparent image

open scream my name word art copy and paste this as a new layer.resize by 60%

go to effects/plugins/Mura's Meister copies with these settings

apply mask 23 to this layer-go up to layers in psp/new mask layer/from image, and find aquas mask AR315_mask_023,source luminance checked and hit your layer palette your mask will be highlighted ,right click on that highlighted layer and hit delete,a box pops up hit yes,right click again on the layer that is highlighted and merge group.

now copy and paste a paper of your choice to your canvas, I used paper 3 but anyone will do. apply Aqua's mask again to this layer(follow same steps above for mask) image/mirror and bring this mask layer under your word art layer.

k now open up your bent frame from my supplies. resize the frame by 70% , with your magic wand click inside the frame.go up to selections/modify/expand by 2 hit ok.

copy and paste paper 4 (or paper of your choice) do not your first tube that you want to use in the frame. copy and paste it as a new layer over your frame. posistion the tube where you want it inside the frame.go up to selections/invert and on the tube layer hit delete. and do the same on the paper layer. selections/select none

now move your frame layer on the top of the tube and paper layer. go up to layers/merge/merge visible.(note: you can add anything else you would like to the frame to decorate it or whatever you like)

copy and paste your finished frame to your canvas with the mask. as a new layer. go up to image/rotate/left, free by 15%
add a drop shadow v&H= -1 , opacity=40, blur=5, color black.

open up hanging star 1 from the kit, and paste as a new layer on your canvas, resize by 50 % and place it behind your frame layer. you can add a drop shadow to this use the same as before but change v&h to 1.

open up your second tube, for the one I used I had to mirror her. paste as a new layer on your canvas and place her where you want her. (see my tag for refrence) add drop shadow v=1,H=-1,opacity= 40 , blur = 5 color blk

now open up glitter smear 2 or one of your choice, click on your deform tool in psp, this will make a selection over your glitter. your need to use the nodes to pull this down and from left to right so that it looks like your tube is sitting on top of the is a screen shot incase your not familar with how to use this tool,just follow this in order.Smile

now at this point you can really add any elements you want to your tag, i added one of the guitar picks and rotated it a little, added the patch from the kit and placed it on the side of the frame. i also took another glitter from the kit resized and placed below the patch. but this is all up to you rather to add it or not you can alway use other elements from the kit.

add your name i placed my name over the glitter. on the left side of my tag. added a nice gradient glow and drop shadow to the name. again this is optional.

finally add your copyright and license number(if using ptu tubes) and thats it ! your all done..I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did writting it. would love to see your results and you can post them here in my group if you would like Smile

this tutorial was written by LadyQueen on August 4th 2009,in psp 9.

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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