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Show girls (PTU KIT) Empty Show girls (PTU KIT)

Post by ladyqueen on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:10 am

supplies needed

psp I used psp 9 but im sure can be done in any version

font of choice/ the one i used it called GungsuhChe was already in my psp fonts

my supplies HERE include the sexy sihouette and small diamond.
you can get the silhouettesfromposerLT from if you would like to make your own.

Eye candy 4000 Gradient glow

template by Melissa, MV_template12 you can find it HERE on the misfits blog, scroll down to the second set of templates.

Beautiful Peep Show collab kit by Sarah and Tammy, you can purchase this kit here at Pimp My Tags With Scraps Store

3 artist tubes or choice, if you use the same ones i am using in this tutorial they must be purchased fromMY PSP TUBES


Ok lets get started

Go ahead and open your tubes and template in psp, and I like to have my kit opened in my browser, just makes like much simpler lol. and if your using the same kit as me, then you know there are two parts to the kit. sb-peepshow and TK-peepshow

•K duplicate your template, delete the copy right layer,then resize your canvas 700x700 we can resize later. delete your background layer.

• on your layer palette click on the back square, go up to selections/select all float/defloat and copy and paste tk-peepshow paper grey text as a new layer. selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard.selections/select none. resize paper by 90%. and you can delete the back square from your layer palette. now add your gradient glow to the paper. settings glow width 3.00/soft corners 25/overall opacity 100.on color should be set to fat glow just change the color to blk and move the slidder up a little til you get the glow you like.

now on to the semi circle layer. repeat the same steps as above only this time use paper 3 from sb-peepshow. and no glow.

and again with your rectangle layer, only change paper to paper 4 from sb-peepshow.

• k now on your 3 squares layer, take your magic wand and click inside square one.selections/modify/expand by 1,( you can add paper of your choice here,I chose not to but that is up to you, just don't select none or anything yet lol)

Copy your first tube as a new layer, and place the tube where you want it to show in the square, go up to selections/invert and then hit delete on your keyboard. selctions/select none.

go back to 3 squares layer on your layer palette because this has moved now, take your magic wand and click inside square 2 selections/modify/expand by 1, copy and paste your paper here if you are using one. and then copy and paste your second tube of choice to this layer..make sure you resize or mirror before you place your tube. selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard..selections/select none.

go back to 3 squares layer and repeats these same steps as above.

• the line layers you can keep the same or you can change colors whatever you like. now just add any other elements from the kit you would like at this point or you can continue and follow the way i did on my tag.just some good ole copy and paste really LOL

• grab your sb-peep show word art show copy and paste as a new layer to your tag, resize by 70% place it to the left of your tag. add a drop shadow V&H=1, opacity 80, blur 3

copy and paste the diamond as a new layer so that it acts as a hanger for the word art.

do the same with sb-peep show word art girls, and place it to the right of the tag.

copy and paste tk-peepshow censor ribbon as a new layer,place at the bottom of your frames,(see my tag for refrence) resize by 80% and then use your selection tool to get rid of the ribbon that is hanging off your frame. add same drop shadow as above.

copy and paste the tk-peepshow censorbow as a new layer and place it right above the ribbon. add same drop shadow.

add your tk-peepshow ticketwhole as a new layer, resize by 50% and bring it under your bow layer, use your deform tool and rotate it to the left a little. add drop shadow.
copy and paste your tk-peepshow pink glitter as a new layer bring it down past your very first layer but not behind your background layer. place it towards the bottom , duplicate and move up to the top of your tag. see my finished tag.

OK are you still with me ? LOL if your advanced psper then you probably already at this point already.even trying to change it up a little yourself hehe..and if not then I hope your still following me Smile

• k now click on your font tool, and in your color palette have your foreground color set to black, stroke width set to 3. and pick a color from your tag for the background color. I used font size 48 to type out my name, but depending on the length of your name you can change this. so go ahead and type out your name over the half circle.

go ahead and add your copyright info to your tag.

•copy and paste the silhouette from my supplies as a new layer and place right under your name . duplicate the silhouette , and on the original one, go up to adjust/blur/gaussian
blur,radius 5, push ok.

now on this blurred layer, we are going to add gradient glow and animate. so go ahead and open animation shop.

on your blurred silhouette add eye candy 4000 gradient glow with these settings. your settings should show the fat setting just delete the white and make the color pink as shown in this preview. hit ok

Show girls (PTU KIT) Ggpreview

on the top of your tag right click and copy merged. this will copy your whole tag. go over to animation shop ,right click in there and paste as a new animation.

go back to psp add the same gradient glow shadow to the silhouette don't worry about undoing anything.up at the top of your tag right click copy merged again , go back to animation shop and on the tag frame that is already there,right click at the top of the tag paste after current frame.

back to psp and follow the steps one more time. back to animation shop make sure your second frame is selected, right click paste after current frame. this is what you should have, 3 frames.

Show girls (PTU KIT) Animationpreview

go up to edit in animation shop, select all. then to animation/frame properties and change the display time to 30, view your animation and if its how you want it. you can resize right in animation shop i usually resize mine 550x550 and if your happy with your tag go ahead and save.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did. would love to see your results you can post them right here in this group if you would like to. Thanks for trying my tuts Smile

this tutorial was written by LadyQueen in psp 9 on August 15th, 2009

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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