Angel Wings (PTU Kit)

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Angel Wings (PTU Kit)

Post by ladyqueen on Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:55 pm

Angel Wings


Supplies need for this tut

psp 9 or any version

this beautiful kit Angels on the Moon by Missy , you can purchase kitHERE

mask by vix, 196 and mask 41 you can get those HERE

tube of choice, or the one i used you can get at UpYourARt

Angel word art you can get at this blog HERE or use word art of your own

fonts of choice, I used Caramel Candy and Angelican Regular

ok lets get started, go ahead and get your tubes and mask open in psp, and have your kit open in your browser in psp so its easy to access. or whatever way you wanna do it LOL.

• Open up a new 650x550 transparent image
you can flood fill with white if you want just so you can see what your doing better we can delete that later.

copy and paste frame 1 as a new layer, resize by 50%

•grab your magic wand and click inside the frame, go up to selections/modify/expand by 1
copy paper 11 from your kit or paper of your choice as a new layer over the frame. go back to selections/invert and then hit delete on your keyboard.move this layer under your frame layer..x out your background and merge visible these two layers.

•Duplicate your frame layer.on the original frame layer go to adjust/blur/gaussian blur/radius 5 hit ok.move the blurred layer over to the right some, duplicate and then mirror, this is what you should have now.

• open paper 15 from the kit or paper of your choice, i want mine grey so go to image/greyscale and this will turn it grey.

copy and paste as a new layer behind your frames layer. apply vix mask 196.Layers new mask from image, find vix mask source luminance checked..hit ok.layers/delete hit ok. layers merge group. resize your mask 110x110 just so that it shows out of the frame a little bit. see my tag for refrence.

• open up another paper of your choice, i used paper 9 from the kit, copy as a new layer under your frame but over your first mask. apply vix mask 41 same steps as above

• open up your fairy tale place from the kit paste as a new layer, resize this by 70% ,move this so that it lines up with the bottom of your frames, see my finished tag.

•copy and paste trellis roses from the kit, resize by 60% place over to the left of the tag, using your eraser took, erase parts of the flowers so that it looks like its intertwinning with the fairy tale place, or just until your happy with how it looks. can add a drop shadow here if you would like.

•copy and paste the trellis with greenery and roses as a new layer, resize by 60 % and move to the right of your tag, place behind your fairytale place but infront of your frames and mask. I used the deform tool as well to move scrunch them up some behind there.

•copy and paste Angel 3 and resize by 30% place over on the left on the fairy tale place, duplicate and move over to the right of your tag,see my finished tag for refrence.

• copy and paste your tube as a new layer for the tube i used i had to resize by 60% place her in the stair way. drop shadow of your choice.

•copy and paste the cloud from the kit, resize by 50% move to the left ,duplicate and move the other to the can copy the wind chime from the kit and place it where you would like, resize by about 30%, i also resized them a bit more and placed a few clouds behind the frames.

• Ok now on the word art , we are going to have to resize this by 30% ,place to the right of your tag, see my finished tag for refrence. type out the words Every time a bell rings an, convert to raster layer.and place right beside the word angel in your word art. then type out gets her and place right beside wings. we are doing this because after we resize the word art you wont be able to tell what it says. add a gradient glow or drop shadow of your choice.

add some of the butterflies from the kit resize and place them where you want them.

• Finally add your copyright info pick a color that matches your tag and add your name to your tag, and thats it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial Smile

this tutorial was written by LadyQueen on August 18th 2009

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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