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Heavy Metal (PTU KIT) Empty Heavy Metal (PTU KIT)

Post by ladyqueen on Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:09 pm

Heavy Metal

psp 9 (im sure any version will work)

animation shop

Filters/ VM Instant art and eye candy 4000 Gradient glow (if you need help finding out how to get these filters just send me a note or leave me a message on general)

PTU Scrapkit by Seashell, I'm A Rock Star details on how to purchase this kit on her blogHERE

Mask 12 by Rachel HERE

font of choice/the one i used is called crawler

tube of your chice, I'm using the awesome art of Ismael rac, tube im using was purchased when he was with my psp tubes, but you can find his art now at Artistic Minds INC

Ok lets get started.

• Open a new 700x700 transparent image
we can resize later.

flood fill with white so we can see better what we are doing.

• Now copy and paste paste the heavy metal element from the kit as a new layer. Resize by 70%

• now grab your magic wand tool, tolerance and feather set to 0, and click inside the heavy metal element. go up to selections/modify/expand by 3 do not deselect

• Copy paper 3 from the kit or one of your chice as a new layer over this element. selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard. don't worry about the middle of the A in the element not being covered by the paper. Selections/select none
move this layer under neat your heavy metal layer.

• K now make sure your back on your heavy metal layer and use your eraser tool and eraser the guitar out the middle.

use your magic wand again and click inside the small circle inside the heavy metal element. selections/modify/expand by 3.
and with a different paper of your choice copy and paste as a new layer , selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard. selections/select none. move this layer underneat your heavy metal element layer as well.

• x out your background layer for now , right click on one of the other layers and merge visible.

• Open back up your background layer

• Now go up to adjust/blur/Gaussian blur, radius set to 5 hit ok.

• duplicate this layer 2 times, for a total of 3 blurred layers. To make it easier when we go to animate, you can go ahead and rename your layers starting from the last one to the top, Hm3 (heavy metal 3) Hm2 and Hm1

Heavy Metal (PTU KIT) Vmnaturalsettings

• K click on the very first layer should be Hm1, go to effects VM instant art and use these settings.

On Hm2, add the same settings only this time change the rings to 45, and on layer Hm3 change the rings to 55.

• alright leave those for now, grab the heavy metal element from the kit once more and paste it as a new layer over the ver first blurred layer. resize by 70%,this should fit right over the blurred layer.

Eye candy gradient glow with the fat settings
basic,3.00 soft corners 25, overall opactiy 100
on color set to fat and color white. hit ok

• Copy paper 17 as a new layer or paper of your choice ,go up to layers/new mask from image/ on the source window scroll down til you find SOE_Mask12_ByRachel09 source luminance checked,hit ok. back up to layers/delete and hit yes. back to layers again merge group

• copy element 1 from the kit as a new layer resize by 70% (yes i like that percent LOL) move this over all other layers in your layer palette if its not there already.

• copy and paste your tube as a new layer and add a drop shadow of your choice..my settings V= 1 , H=-1, Opacity =69 blur =5. move your tube to the right of your tag. see my finished tag for refrence.

• Now only if you want to copy and paste element 24 from the kit as a new layer ,resize by 50% , bring that layer behind your tube layer over to the right so that it shows out from behind her.now what I did is wanted to make it look as if the chain from the element went around her wrist, so on your layer palette move the opacity of your tube layer to about 30, grab your eraser tool and erase the parts of her arm that is over the chain. you can see better if you zoom up on the tag. doesn't have to be perfect because when you unzoom you can't tell lol.

• I also added element 31 the purple glitter splatter and used the deform tool to squish the glitter and put it at the bottom of my tag.

• go ahead and add your copy right to your tag and add your name. I used crawler font and added a fat gradient glow to my name.

• Alright now if your still with my at this point its time to animate. We will go back and forth from psp to animation shop. so go ahead and open animation shop.

in psp x out the background layer , HM 3 and HM 2 layers. and have HM1 layer highlighted in your layer palette. on your tag right click on the top of your tag copy Merged.

• Go over to animation shop right click and paste as a new animation. Go back to psp x out HM 1 and Uncheck HM 2 make sure this layer is highlighted in psp. right click at the top of the tag copy merged again, go back to animation shop, right click inside the first frame.paste after current frame.

• and finally go back to psp x out HM2 and highlight HM3 layer, right click copy merged , back to animation shop and on the second frame right click paste after current frame.

View your animation and if your happy with your tag you can resize right from animation shop and save your tag. animation/resize I resize my tags at 550x550

Yayyy we are all finished I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial, I would love to see any finished tags you have made and you can post them right here in the group on tag show offs board. Thank you Smile

this tutorial was written on August 28th 2009 by LadyQueen

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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