School is In (PTU KIT)

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School is In (PTU KIT)

Post by ladyqueen on Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:58 pm

Schools Is In


supplies needed


back to school scrap kit by Seachell Scrapz which you can purchase from HERE

eye candy motion trail/optional if you want to do your own word art for top of tag.(instructions for this at bottom of tut)

1 or 2 tubes of choice/tubes i used are by Lon Ryden this is a general use artist so tubes are supplied.

font of choice/the one i used for my name is chalk dust

my supplies include tubes & word artHERE

this is a very simple tutorial.

So lets get started

open a new 650x550 transparent image
flood fill with white

• open your school is in word art copy and paste as a new layer
onto your canvas.

• grab your selection tool and draw out a rectangle as wide as

the word art layer. and bring down a little bit , see preview
copy and paste the brown paper 10 as a new layer,

selections/invert and hit delete on your

keyboard,selections/select none.

• make another selection just a little smaller then the first

one , copy and paste paper 8 as a new layer. selections/invert

and hit delete on your keyboard. selections/select none , this is what you should have with both brown and green papers like a frame.

• copy element 50 as a new layer resize by 50 %, with your

deform tool, stretch this frame up and out so that it is

covering the edges of the green paper.

• Now you can just add your elements from the kit. i added the

seperated desk and chair, some books and an apple on top.
resized those to about 30% twice. place those where you like.
I also typed out some math problems on the keyboard (hope those are right LMAO)

• copy and paste your tubes as a new layer over all the other


• add your name,font used for my name is called chalk

dust..white, drop shadow v&H=0,opacity=100,blur 8, color black.

• finally just add your copyright and license if need be
depending on the tubes you used.

(EYE CANDY 4000 Motion Trail Settings to make your own word art for the tag)
with font of choice ,size 36, type out your text. duplicate this layer. and on the top layer change the color by using your adjust/hue/colorize tool to color of your choice. go back down to the bottom text layer and add eye candy motion trail with these settings.

go back to the top text and add a drop shadow of your choice.

this tutorial was written by LadyQueen on September 19th,2009

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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