Victorious (ptu kit)

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Victorious (ptu kit)

Post by ladyqueen on Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:43 pm


Supplies needed:

psp 9

eye candy gradient glow (optional)

Scrapkit of choice or this Beautiful Jaded Dragon scrapkit by BabyCake scraps You can purchase this kit from here >Scraps with Attitude

Mask 204 by Vix you can download HERE

font of choice I used Black Castles which you
can download at

Tube of choice or the one I supplied artwork by
Anne Stokes and Frame made by me which you can download HERE

K lets get started shall we ?

• Open up a new transparent image 550x550

• Flood fill with white

• Copy and paste my frame as a new layer onto

your canvas

• grab your magic wand tool click inside the top

border, copy paper 4 from the kit or paper of

your choice as a new layer. selections/invert

hit delete on your keyboard. selections/select


• go back to your orignal frame layer , select

the middle border with your magic wand, copy

paper 11 as a new layer. selections/invert and

hit delete on your keyboard. selections/select


• go back to orginal frame layer click with

magic wand on the last border on the inside,

copy and paste paper 5 as a new layer.

selections/invert hit delete on your keyboard.

selections/select none.

• you can now delete the orignal frame layer, x

out your background layer, and merge all the

border layers together.

• with your magic wand click inside all the

empty spaces in between your frame.

Selections/modify/expand by 2 hit ok.

• copy paper 7 as a new layer, selections/invert

hit delete on your keyboard. selection/select

none. move this layer underneat your frame.

• with your selection tool, rectangle go around

the inside frame making a rectangle shape around

it. copy and paste your tube as a new layer. if

your using the tube I supplied then resize by

80% and move to fit inside the frame.

Selections/invert and hit delete on your

keyboard to remove parts of the tube that are

hanging over your frame. selections/select none.

• move the tube layer underneat your merged

frame layer. on your merged frame layer add a

dark black gradient glow to your frame.

X out your background layer and merge all layers

together, Resize by 90%

This is what you should have at this point.

( you could even go without a tube and use one
of the dragons from the kit if you would like,

or none at all)

• copy paper 12 as a new layer, add Vix Mask


• copy bcs kanzashi bloom from the kit or any

other element of choice as a new layer. resize

by 30% , place over to the left of your tag

towards the bottom, add a fat white glow to your

flower. duplicate, mirror and place the

duplicated flower over to the right of your tag.

• copy and paste drape border as a new layer and

place at the top of your frame. add a

dropshadow, V&H = 0, opacity 50, blur 4 color


• its time to add your name, I used a gold

gradient as my background color , foreground

color set to null.type out your name and stretch

to fit in between the flowers at the bottom. I

then added a fat black glow to my name.

• add your copyright and any other info you need

x out the background and save.

I had fun with this tutorial I hope you enjoyed
it. would make a great gift tag for a guy friend ,minus the flowers maybe heheh.
would love to see what you do with this tut.

Tutorial written by LadyQueen on October 14th, 2009

bg by LadyQueen bg code by Missy
. Please do not remove!


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