Playing in the Leaves (PTU KIT) FTU tube and word art

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Playing in the Leaves (PTU KIT) FTU tube and word art Empty Playing in the Leaves (PTU KIT) FTU tube and word art

Post by ladyqueen on Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:33 pm

supplies needed

Playing in the leaves

supplies needed:

paint shop pro ( I used psp 9 but any version should work)

animation shop to add leaf animation (optional)

tube of choice or one supplied and animated leaves both in my supplies HERE

Template 8 by me ,you can find here on this blog HERE

Another Autumn Day Scrapkit by Seachell you can purchase HERE

eye candy 4000 Gradient glow (optional)

Freebie Autumn word art by Caitlin at CupcakespinklesHERE

alright this is a very simple tut, So i hope you stick with me and like what you create with it. ok lets get started.

• Open up my template #8 hold down ctrl and hit D on your keyboard to duplicate the temp, close out original template.

resize your canvas 650x550

• Delete the credit layer and word art from the template.

• X out outter frame, inner frame and big leaf layer. Merge all the little leaf layers together. right click on one of them in layer palette and merge visible

• un x everything out

• on the layer palette make sure outter layer is selected. go up to selections/select all/float/defloat copy and paste paper 8 as a new layer. selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard. Selections/select none

Delete original layer

• go up to inner frame layer, selections/select all/float/defloat copy paper 6 as a new layer. move to where you like it inside the frame.

if your using the same tube as me or one that will fit inside the frame and not out then do not deselect.

copy and paste the tube as a new layer and place to your liking.

now go back up to selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard. then back on the paper layer hit delete on your keyboard.

selections/select none.

Delete original frame layer.

• On your merged leafs Selections/select all/float defloat and copy paper 10 as a new layer. since this paper is so colorful I moved it to where they green will be over the leaves. Selections/invert hit delet on your keyboard, selections/select none. and delete orignal leaf layer.

• add a drop shadow to your leaves, V&H = 1, Opacity 60, blur 5, color black.

• now on the big leaf layer you can either keep the template one or use the one from the kit. I used the one from the kit element 3, Resized by 30 % mirror and move to the right of the template at the bottom. see my finished tag.use same drop shadow as above.

• Copy element 50 as a new layer and resize by 70% move to the bottom of your tag. see my finished tag for placement.

• Ok now Copy and paste your playing in the leaves word art as a new layer. resize by 70%

selections/select all/float/defloat copy and paste paper 10 as a new layer move the paper around to get the colors you like inside the word art. selections/invert hit delete on your keyboard. selections/select none.

• I used eye candy 4000 gradient glow and put a fat white glow on the word art, and same drop shadow as above.

• OK now its time to add your name and copyright info, and any other elements from the kit that you would like. Font I used is called Enchanted and I added a fat green glow to my name.

You can save your tag now if you like it how it is, or you can keep following the tut to add the little animation.

• Alright if your still with me go ahead and open animation shop and open up the leaf animation i supplied.

• in psp go to the top of your tag right click and copy merged. ( this way is better so that if you want to save as a psp file you can and use the tag to add names later) Ok, go to animation shop right click in there paste as a new animation.

• click inside the frame now in animation shop, right click and duplicate for a total of 9 frames. (if your using another animation with less or more frames then you would duplicate that many times.

• Go up to edit,select all, this will highlight all your tag frame layers. go back to edit/propagate paste, leave that alone for just a sec.

go to your leaf animation, edit/select all then edit/copy.

Go back to your tag frames , edit/paste into selected frames. before you unclick your left mouse. move your leaves where you want them on your tag. and then let go.

you can now go to view/animation to see your animation in motion. If your happy with the way it turned out you can now resize and save your tag.

If you do not like the way the leaves are or you want to move them just go up to edit and hit undo and try again.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Thanks for trying it Smile

Non animated version

Playing in the Leaves (PTU KIT) FTU tube and word art Playingintheleavesaqua

This tutorial was written by LadyQueen on October 18th , 2009

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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