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Skater Girl (PTU KIT) Empty Skater Girl (PTU KIT)

Post by ladyqueen on Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:27 pm

Sk8te Boarder Girl

Supplies needed:

paint shop pro 9 or any version

animation shop (optional if you decide not to animate)

My supplies which include word art temps created by myself, and mask (I received this through yahoo groups so I'm not sure who the mask belongs to but if you happen to know please let me know so i can give proper credit ty)
Download HERE

Filters: Alien Skins Xenofex2 Constellation
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient glow (optional)

font of choice ( I used Whoa! for my name)

Awesome PTU scrapkit Garvsk8tr by Missy you can find the kit and purchase hereScraps With Attitude

Tube of your choice , I am using the art of Keith Garvey, you can purchase and get license from
My Psp Tubes

and a little bit of time and patience lol

Alright lets get this tut started

go ahead and open your mask and tube up in paint shop pro, and I always have my browse open in psp with the folder the kit is in to make it a little easier to get to.

• Open up a new 650x250 transparent image

• go to selections/select all copy and paste paper 1 from kit as a new layer, back up to selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard. Selections/select none

• copy and paste your tube as a new layer resize as needed, I resized mine by 70%. move over to the right of your tag. Add drop shadow V= 1 , H= -1, opacity 63, blur 6.00 color black.

• copy and paste one of the flowers from the kit as a new layer resize by 30% and move to the far left of your tag, see my finished tag for refrence.

• copy and paste one of the wax seals as a new layer on your tag , resize by 30% and then again at 60%, use your deform tool and rotate to the left just a little (see my finished tag)

• K make sure layer 1 is highlighted in your layer palette you may have to go back and click on that layer. Selections/select all copy and paste paper 20 or paper of your choice from the kit as a new layer. Selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard. Selections/select none.

• Layers/new mask from image , find your mask SN455_Verinha in the drop down menu, source luminance checked, invert mask date checked.

hit ok, Layers/delete hit yes , Layers/merge/merge group. you can rename this layer mask 1.

• go back to layer 1 , Selections/select all, Selections/modify/contract by 4 hit ok.


• copy paper 21 from the kit as a new layer, Selections/invert again and then hit delete on your keyboard. move the layer to the very top of all the other layers.Selections/select none.

• Add same drop shadow as before.

• copy and paste your word art on your tag, I used Sk8te Boarder and resized by 70% , since they are on separate layers i had to resize both and place on tag (see my finished tag for placement)

• on the word sk8te go up to selections/select all/float/defloat copy a paper of your choice as a new layer. Selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard.Delete the original text layer. Do this same step for the word boarder. or of course do these same steps for any of the word art you used , you just may have to place them different.

• Merge these two layers together (in your layer palette right click merge down)

• Go to your plugins Eye Candy 4000 Gradient glow, on basic set glow width to 3.00, soft corners to 25, overall opacity to 100.

pick the fat settings and change to this

Skater Girl (PTU KIT) Glowsettings

• go ahead and add your name to the tag, I used Whoa font size 36 and add same glow to the name.
add your copyright info and any other information you need.

(If you want to add names later the best thing to do would just be to just continue and not add a name til we get the animation finished in animation shop.)

Alright its time to set up our animation, I hope that your still with me, we are going to use the skate board from the kit, I used sk8te board 2 but you can use anyone you want.

• copy and paste the skate board as a new layer on your tag. resize by 30% twice.

• in your layer palette duplicate the skate board layer 8 times for a total of 9 skate boards. rename your layers so that its easier to work with. You can go skate 1 , skate 2, skate 3 and so on to 9.

• move your skate boards across the tag but use your deform tool to rotate them just a little each time so that when you have them across the tag , you should have something like this.

Skater Girl (PTU KIT) Layerpalette1

• X out all of your skate board layers at this time.

• go down to your mask layer and duplicate this for a total of 9 as well. renaming mask 1, mask 2 and so on.

• k go back to mask layer 1, go to your plugins and add xenofex2 constellation with these settings, to each layer

Skater Girl (PTU KIT) Constellationsettings

use these same settings on each layer hitting random seed each time.

• X out all the mask layers except mask layer 1
un X skate layer 1 as well.

this is what your layer palette should look like now

Skater Girl (PTU KIT) Layerpalette2

Ok its time to open animations shop. we will be going back and forth from psp to animation shop.

with everything open except skate layers 2-8 and mask layers 2-8 un X'ed, on you layer palette make sure one of the layers besides any that are x'ed out is highlighted. right click on top of your tag copy merged

• go over to animation shop, right click paste as a new animation.

• go back to psp , X out mask layer 1 and Skate layer 1, and un X mask layer 2 and Skate layer 2.

• on the top of your tag right click copy merged, go back to animation shop right click inside the tag that is already there, paste after current frame.

• back to psp X out mask layer 2 and Skate layer 2, Un X mask layer 3 and Skate layer 3. copy merged on the top of your tag. Go back to animation shop right click inside the second frame and paste after current frame.

Keep doing this back and forth from psp to animation shop clicking inside the last frame each time in animation shop pasting after current frame, with all layers from psp.

• You should now have a total of 9 frames in animation shop.

in animation shop go up to edit/select all then over to animation/frame properties and set to 30 hit ok.

View your animation and if your happy with the way it turned out you can now save your tag. Yayyy all finished !!

Don't forget to save your finished unmerged tag in paint shop pro just incase you want to come back and add names for your friends.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial Smile feel free to post your results in the group thanks !

Tutorial written by LadyQueen on November 3rd, 2009

bg by LadyQueen bg code by Missy
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