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Rose Angel

Post by ladyqueen on Mon May 11, 2009 9:55 am

Rose Angel
tutorial written by LadyQueen March 13th 2009
Supplies needed for this tutorial
Angela Scrapkit by Bea You can download on her blog HERE
font of choice
2 mask of choice or the ones I supplied HERE
mask I have received through various yahoo groups so I'm not sure if and where a web site is for these..but if they belong to you
or you know who they belong to please let me know so I can give credit.
Close up tube or any tube of your choice
The tube I used in this tutorial is by Keith Garvey you must purchase and have a license number from mpt
in order to use the same tube.
alright ready ? open your tube and mask in psp, minimize them for now

open new 650x650 image
flood fill with white
copy and paste the deco6 element as a new layer
image/free rotate/left 45 degrees
move over to the left some
now bring them both in closer together
layers/merge down
heres a preview of what you should have.

copy and paste paper 13 as a new layer
apply mask125
layers/delete push yes and then ok/merge group
image/rotate and rotate your mask right by degrees
resize your mask by 90%
with your selection tool go around the inner part
of your mask on the frame part

copy and paste your tube as a new layer
selections/invert and hit delete on your keyboard if any
parts are left hanging over.
copy and paste ribbon2 as a new layer,resize by 70%
move to the top of your frame.
use your selection tool to cut off access ribbon from the frame.
duplicate flip and place at the bottom of your frame
copy and paste flowers24 as a new layer
image resize by 70% ,image/rotate/right 90%
layers/duplicate mirror and bring over a tad to cover your tube
Go back to layer one add another paper ,I choose paper16 copy and paste
add 2nd mask.
copy and paste bling 1 as a new layer right above
your deco6 layer. erase any parts of the bling hanging off the tag.
now this part is optional, I used my free hand selection tool to go around one of the small blings,copied and paste
it as a new layer ,duplicated a couple of times and place in the middle of every other rose.
Thats it..add your copyright info and your name at this time
font i use is VivianXtremebyWiescherdesign.
Hope you had fun doing this tutorial Very Happy

background by LadyQueen
Code By Missy


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