If the shoe Fits

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If the shoe Fits

Post by ladyqueen on Mon May 11, 2009 9:56 am

If the shoe fits
supplies needed:
psp, a font of your choice
Wc Fetish ding font from Dafont.com
mask 212 from weescotslas you can download on her blog HERE
my word art and circle of shoes you can download from my 4 share HERE
tube of choice. I used the awesome artwork of Elias Chatzoudis if you want to use
the same tube you must purchase it from My psp tubes and have a license to do so.http://www.mypsptubes.com

K, If your ready open all your supplies in psp for now.
open a new image 500x500
copy and paste paper of your choice or fill with color of your choice
as a new layer
open up your wc fetish font size 72 type the letter r lower case,color black
resize by 230 to make the shoe bigger.
mirror, then objects/align/center in canvas
convert to raster layer
I added constellation filter to my shoe,but thats optional
right click on your shoe layer in the layer palette merge down
this will merge your shoe with your paper layer thats what we want to do Smile
now open up your mask. layers/new mask from image find your mask in the drop down menu
source luminance checked everything else unchecked. push ok
back up to layer/ delete check yes/layers again merge group push ok
resize your mask by going to image/resize ,resize by 110 %
in your layer palette right click on your mask layer and duplicate to make darker
you can now merge both mask layers together.
copy and paste your circle of shoes onto your canvas as a new layer.you may need to move
over just a tad to get shoes were they fit the circled mask.
selections/select all, selection/float ,selection/defloat
then add a new raster layer. flood fill each shoe with a different color
or paper of your choice, you can add a texture if you want.I used blinds with
these settings width2, opacity34 color white. light from left/top checked
at this time change your canvas size to 550x550, open up your word art made by me, add
as a new raster layer. position it on your tag (see my finished tag for refrence)I added
eye candy 4000 gradient glow with a fat white settings this is optional
add your tube to the tag resize as needed.for this tube i had to resize to 80%
add a drop shadow of your choice i used h&v=1 opacity 56,blur 5,color blk
add your name to the tag font of choice
the one i used is called Teeny Boppin.
add your copyright and license number to the tag.
Thats it Easy huh ? hope you enjoyed the tut. Smile
This tutorial was written in psp 9 by LadyQueen on Feb 27th 2009

background and tiles by LadyQueen do not snag
code by missy


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