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Winter Chill (ptu kit) Empty Winter Chill (ptu kit)

Post by ladyqueen on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:00 pm

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Winter Chill (ptu kit) WintersChillTut_Rieneke-vi

This is the tag we'll be making and what you'll need:

• Winter Time scrapkit made by the very talented Rieneke, it is available for purchase at Scraps with Attitude.

• Tube I used was by Zindy Zone and is available for purchase on her shop, but any tube will do also. Please do not use that tube if you do not have appropriate license to do so.

• Mask I used was by Aqua (mask #49) available at her blog for download she has some fantastic masks, please be sure to check them out and if you download, please say thank you. ♥️

• Filters I used were Xero Porcelain, Xenoflex 2 Constellation, Super Blade Pro, and Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow.

• Font used was Kingthings Christmas which is available at Dafont for download.

Okay ready, let's go!

• Open up a blank canvas with a white background. I like to use a starting size of 700 x 700, but that is just a preference. We will be re-sizing later. Paste frame of choice as a new layer (I used wintertime frame 1) and colorized hue and saturation values of 124 and 53. Click inside frame, expand selections by 10. Underneath frame layer, add a new layer. Choose paper of choice (I used paper 11) and paste into the selection on that new layer.

• One blank canvas layer, select all, add a new layer. Paste a paper of choice into selection on new layer (I used paper 3). Apply Aqua's mask and merge layer group.

• Underneath frame layer, paste your tube as a new layer, re-size to your preference. I rotated mine to the left by 7 degrees to fit in frame prettily. On that paper layer you filled below the frame, I selected all, float, defloat, invert selections and then went to the tube layer and pressed delete to remove the excess around it.

• At this point I cropped out the excess white being careful not to crop out any of the effects of the pretty mask and frame. Then I took winterwrap 2 and pasted as a new layer on top of frame. I re-sized by 40% and rotated to the left by 7 degrees. Clicking inside of the frame layer again, expand selections by 12 and return to the layer that has the ribbon wrap. Invert selections and press delete. I pasted winter bow1 on top of that where the knot is, re-sizing to your liking and colorized and rotated like before.

• On the paper layer below the frame, I applied constellation filter to give it a snowflake like look. Using wintertime deco2, I colorized as before and pasted above mask layer. I re-sized mine by 60% and arranged to liking. Duplicated that layer and flipped and mirrored it. Using wintertime wordart 2 element, I colorized again and pasted on top layer, I re-sized by 40%, rotated 7 degrees to the left and placed to liking.

• Add any other elements you like at this time and re-size to however big you want your final tag to be. Now add the ©️ and watermark at this point and your text. I chose to keep the winter theme lol and used Kingthings Christmas time. I used white text and applied super blade pro M_aquadust setting, a nice gradient glow and light drop shadow to the text.

• Just some finishing touches on the tube now. On the tube layer, sharpen, duplicate and move that layer below original, giving it a gaussian blur of about 3. On original tube layer, apply Xero Porcelain twice and change blend mode to Luminance (L).

• Voila! We're done, I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

This tutorial was written by Tonya on November 8, 2009 and absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission. Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. /color]

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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