So Divine (PTU)

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So Divine (PTU)

Post by ♦Aqua♦ on Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:29 pm

What you will need:

PaintShop Pro, I used version 9, but should work in any version.

9 tubes by the same artist. I used awesome work of Elias Chatzoudis. Which you can purchase from MPT. Please do not use Elias's artwork without the proper license from MPT!!

Scrap kit. I used the lovely PTU kit by Jessica, dsk153/Divine, which you can purchase from MPT under dsk - Scraps by Jessica

Mask 108 by Vix. You can grab all Vix's awesome masks from her tut site HERE, under goodies. Please leave Vix some love if you download! Thanks Hun!!

Template53 by Me...

Supplies HERE (Vix mask 108 & template53 by me)

Font of choice. I used Hot Rod DNA

Filters Used:

Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow

Xero - Porcelain (Tut can be done without either filter)

Open Template53, shift D to duplicate. Close original. Delete credit layer.

On background layer, copy and paste paper of choice, I used paper5. Apply Vix mask 108, merge group. Duplicate layer, merge down. Resize layer by 110%.

On layer Raster 4, Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat - Copy and paste paper of choice, I used paper6 - Selections - Invert - hit delet on keyboard - Selections - Select None. Do remaining backs the same way.

On frame layers. I used paper11 and added a bevel, which is optional.

Using magic wand click inside one of the frames, making sure you have the frame layer highlighted in palette. Selections - Modify - Expand by 3, copy and paste tube, resize if needed, Selections - Invert - hit delete on keyboard - Selections - Select None. Move tube layer below frame and apply Xero - Porcelain Settings: 27 - 128 - 128 - 0 - 0 - 255. Drop shadow.

Do remaining frames the same way.

Copy and paste remaining elements of choice, resize and drop shadow.

Add Copyright info, watermark & name. I used Hot Rod DNA. I added a gradient glow 3.00 Fat and drop shadow.

Crop, if needed, save as png or jpg.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.

Written by AquaRebel315 on January 10, 2009. Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely unintentional...
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Art by Elias Chatzoudis
Kit by Jessica
Code by Missy. Please do not remove!!


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