The Reeper (Halloween tut PTU kit)

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The Reeper (Halloween tut PTU kit) Empty The Reeper (Halloween tut PTU kit)

Post by ladyqueen on Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:07 pm

supplies needed

the reeper


this tutorial was writtin in psp 9 but any version should do

animation shop

seachells halloween nights kit , you can find details on how to purchase kit here >SeaChells Scrapz

vix mask 207 HERE

tube of choice the one i used is by Fransico Rivera a ftu artist , if you need the tube let me know

font of choice

Alien skin Xenofex2 for animation(lightning)


My very first Halloween tut, and its a scary one hehe. Are you ready ?

• ok Open a new 650x550 transparent image

• open up vix mask 207 in psp minimize

• copy and paste paper 4 from the kit or just flood fill with black.

• layers new mask from image, find vix_mask207 in the drop down menu. source luminance checked and invert mask data unchecked. hit ok
layers/delete hit yes. layers, merge/merge group

(You can follow these steps to set up your tag or you can just use your own elements and place them where you would like. until its time to animate.)

• copy and paste element 11 (the moon) as a new layer put up to the top at the corner. on your layer palette change your blend mode to overlay
add one of the clouds from the kit resize and place behind the moon.

• copy and paste element 18(tree) as a new layer. resize by 50%, place to the left of the tag.Image mirror and place your tree over a little bit but not off the tag. I also used the blk spider web resized and added to the tree and the spider on the web.

• copy and paste element 2(coffin) as a new layer resize by 50% then again at 70%. place to the right of your tag.copy and paste one of the roses resize and place on top of coffin.

• copy and paste element 6 (coffin) as a new layer I resized by 50% twice. place behind the tree layer. see my finished tag

• copy and paste element 4 as a new layer,resize by 50% twice, place to the bottom left of tag, make sure this is in front of all other layers in your layer palette.I also duplicated this and placed behind the tree moved down and erased the bottom of the coffin so that its not hanging out the tag.

• now get your clone tool and we want to make more grass/gravel around the bottom of the tag around your elements. right click anywhere on the tree layer on the gravel part, let go and left click on your mouse holding it down and moving around filling in the empty spaces around your elements, you can keep doing this til your ground is filled around your tag.

• now if your using the tube i used then you will need to erase the black around the tube as close as you can without erasing the image. place this on top of the coffin (see finished tag) erase the bottom of the tube so that it looks like he is comming from the coffin.

• add any copyrights and url to your tag

• add your name , font i used is called Blood of Dracula, I used gradient glow and rotated to the left by 90%. and also changed my blend layer to luminance.

you can leave tag like it is or keep following to add animation.

go ahead and have animation shop open because we will be working back and forth from psp to animation shop.

• in your layer palette click on the layer right under your tree and add a new raster layer. duplicate this layer 2 times for a total of 3 layers. rename layers lightning 1, lightning 2 and lightning 3.

• on your tube layer(the reeper) lower the opacity to around 30, and with lightning layer 1 highlighted in your layer palette add xenofex2 lightning with these settings. hit ok

The Reeper (Halloween tut PTU kit) Xenofexsettings1

The Reeper (Halloween tut PTU kit) Xenofexsettings2

click on the top of your tag right click copy merged. go over to animation shop. right click paste as a new animation.

go back to psp x out layer 1

• go to raster 2 lightning, xenofex2 lightning with the same settings and hit random seed.

on your tube layer move the opacity up to 60

right click copy merged on your tag at the top. go back to animation shop right click on the tag that is already there, paste after current animation.

back to psp x out layer 2

• go back to lightning layer 3 add xenofex lightning again just hitting random seed.

on the tube layer move the opacity up to around 78.

copy merged , go to animation shop right click inside the second frame paste after current frame.

back to psp x out layer 3, and move the opacity of your tube to 100. right click on your tag copy merged and go over to animation shop on the third frame right click paste after current frame.

this is what you should have in animation shop now.

The Reeper (Halloween tut PTU kit) Animation

click inside frame 1 and hold down ctrl key, and click inside frames 2 and 3 as well. go up to animation/frame properties and change display time to 30

edit/select none click inside frame 4 , animation/frame properties change display time to 50

view your tag and if your happy with the way it turned out its time to save your tag. your all finished Yayyy !!

Thank you for trying my tutorial I hope you enjoyed it Smile If you have any questions please feel free to pm me through the group or just leave a message on general.

this tutorial was written by LadyQueen in psp 9 on October 3rd, 2009

bg by LadyQueen
code by Missy


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