Sinful (animated) (PTU)

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Sinful (animated) (PTU)

Post by ♦Aqua♦ on Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:10 pm

Materials Used

I used the awesome artwork of Jamie Kidd. You

can buy the art CILM. (Please do not use

this art if you don't have the proper license.)

I used the awesome PTU scrap kit by Jessica,

called Sinful Pleasures,

which you can buy HERE.

Thank you, Hun!!

My Template 49 which you can

download HERE.

Mask, tube and font of choice.

Filters Used

Penta com Dot and Cross filter (OPTIONAL)

DSB FLUX Bright Noise

Xero Porcelain (OPTIONAL)

Ok, lets begin.

Open Template 49 and shift D to duplicate, close original.

Delete credit layer. Highlight bottom layer and copy

paper of choice, I used paper13. Apply mask of

choice and merge group. I resized mine by 95%.

Merge Layer 7 & copy together. Making sure you are

on that layer - Go to Selections, select all, float, defloat and

paste paper of choice, I used paper 14, back to Selections

and invert then hit delete on keyboard. I added a Gradient

Glow in Black Halo. Drop shadow of choice. You

can now delete original rectangle.

Following the above for Raster 8. I used paper9, adding the

same Gradient Glow with Black Halo and drop shadow of

choice. Delete original rectangle.

Highlight raster 2, select all, float, defloat,

paste paper of choice, I used paper3. Invert

and hit delete on keyboard. I used Penta Com - Dot

and Cross filter settings : 72-10-2, twice. Delete

original oval. Drop shadow.

On raster 6, select all, float, defloat and paste

paper of choice, I used paper17. Invert and hit

delete on keyboard.

Do the same for rasters 3 and copy, 4 & 5, using

papers of choice. Add drop shadows of choice.

Highlight frame layer, using magic wand, click inside,

selections, modify, expand by 5 and paste tube

of choice, resize if needed, invert and hit delete.

On the circle layers, I merged down, pasted tube again

and duplicated layer then mirror image. I then

used Xero Porcelain on default settings.

Add elements of choice and drop shadow.

If using the same kit by Jessica, open

SP_blingstring1_JD. Rotate Image 90 degrees left or right.

Resize and arrange to above the 2 smaller rectangles.

Duplicate layer for a total of 3. Using DSB Flux Bright

Noise. On the original layer, I used intensity 50, mix 1.

Copy 1 - Intensity 55, mix 1.

Copy 2 - Intensity 60, mix 1.

Add copyright info and license, your watermark.

Using font of choice, add your name. I added Gradient

Glow - Black Halo and drop shadow.

Animation Shop

Hide or X out copies and copy

merged into AS. Paste as

new animation. Back to PSP

unhide first copy, x out original, Copy

merged , paste after current frame.

Back to PSP, hide that layer, unhide

second copy and Copy Merged into

AS, pasting after current frame.

Edit, select all - View animation and

save as GIF, if happy with tag.

I hope I haven't confused anyone too much...

Tut registered with TWI on January 7, 2009.

Jamie Kidd
Kit by Scraps By Jessica
Code by Missy. Please do not remove!!


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