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Post by ♦Aqua♦ on Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:31 am

This is the tag we'll be making and what you'll need:

• A Funky Kind of Love scrapkit made by the very talented QueenBrat it is available for purchase at her store.

• The tube I used is by Caron Vinson which is available for purchase at CILM, please do not use this tube if you do not have an appropriate license to do so.

• I used a mask available on the Creative Misfits blog, there are lots of great ones there! Please leave some love if you download.

• Template I used was by Stef at Freebie Friends blog, please leave some love if you download.

• Filters I used were Xero Porcelain and DSB Flux Bright Noise.

• Font used was Quick Handle which I cannot share, but any font of choice will work nicely.

Okay ready, let's go, this will be nice and easy I promise!

• Open up Stef's fab valentine template number 8, duplicate the image and close out the original, deleting the credit layer. I added a white background layer just cuz I find it easier to work on the tag then you can close this out later if you prefer transparent. Add a new layer, select all, and paste a paper of choice into selection, I used paper 8. Select none and apply mask of choice. You may want to use your deform tool if any adjustments to make the mask show through are needed. Merge layer group.

• On Raster 4 layer, select all, float defloat, add a new layer and paste paper of choice into selection, I used paper 1 on this one. Select none and change the blend mode to one of your choosing, I used dissolve.

• On Raster 2, select all, float, defloat, expand selection by 1, add a new layer, flood fill with color of choice. I chose a pink color from paper 1. Add an inner bevel setting of your choice on that new layer. Select none and delete the Raster 2 layer. Repeat these steps with colors of your choice on Raster 1 and Raster 7 layers as well.

• On Raster 5 layer, select all, float and defloat, add a new layer and flood fill with a color of choice, I used a very light green and I changed blend mode to overlay. On Raster 3 layer, select all, float, and defloat, add a new layer and paste paper of choice into selection. I used paper 6. Select none and delete Raster 3 layer.

• On Raster 6 layer, select all, float, defloat and add a new layer, flood filling with a color of choice, I used a very light purple color and again changed the blend mode to overlay.

• At this point lets add our tube we are going to use. I pasted above the heart frame layer, re-size as needed, once you have positioned as you like, on the heart layer you just floodfilled in previous step, select all, float, defloat, expand by 1, invert selection, and grab eraser tool. On the tube layer erase any parts that you don't want showing. I had it so she is just kind of peaking out from the heart. Since we have the heart selected, on that purple heart layer you had flood filled, add a new blank layer and using your brush tool, put a brush of choice in there, because of your selection it will only fill that brush on the heart layer, nothing more. It's just something to add a little swirliness lol. Select none when happy with it.

• Add elements of choice. I used the LOVE wordart piece along with I made a little cluster using some of the great elements of this kit. Add any elements to make the tag unique to you. At this point I re-sized the tag to my final tag size, and sharpened any layers as appropriate. I also applied Xero Porcelain to the tube layer. Add the artist's copyright and your tagger's watermark at this point.

• Now for the text! Type your text, select none, and duplicate 2 times if you wish to animate. On the first layer of text, apply DSB Bright Noise, I used a setting of 40 and clicked on Mix. Apply a drop shadow of choice (I used settings of 2/2/75/5 and color of #83235b). Hide that layer, unhide layer 2 of text and apply filter again, clicking the mix button twice and applying drop shadow again. Repeat these steps for the third text layer.

• Open Animation Shop, with 2 of the text layers hidden, do Edit > Copy Merged and paste as a new animation. Back in PSP, hide the visible text layer and unhide the 2nd layer and again Copy Merged, paste in Animation Shop after current layer. Repeat for the 3rd layer of text. Once happy optimize your animation. View and save your animation and that's it your done! I hope you've enjoyed this nice and easy tutorial.

This tutorial was written by Tonya on January 10, 2010 and absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission. Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintended.

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