Heart Garvey (animated) (FTU)

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Heart Garvey (animated) (FTU)

Post by ♦Aqua♦ on Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:48 pm

I used the awesome artwork of Keith Garvey. You can
find his artwork at MPT. {Please do not use his artwork
without a license from MPT!}

FTU Scrap Kit by Missy of Misfits, called. I Heart You.
You can download from Misfits blog HERE. Check out Missy's blog Divine Intentionz for some fab tag templates and word art...

Tube, mask and font of choice.

Xero - Porcelain (OPTIONAL)
DSB FLUX - Bright Noise (OPTIONAL)

Open a 550 X 550 transparent workspace. Flood fill white. Copy paper
of choice. I used paper12. Apply mask of choice. Merge Group.

Open frame2 copy and paste as new layer. Resize by 80%.
Using magic wand, click inside frame and expand by 5. Paste paper of choice,
invert and delete on keyboard {I used paper14}. Move paper layer below
frame. I also added a paper of choice to frame, but that's up to you.

Copy tube of choice and paste as new layer. Move tube over to the right of
canvas. Duplicate tube layer and mirror. Go to frame layer, using magic wand
click inside, expand by 5, invert, go to tube copy and invert, then hit delete
on keyboard. Move below frame. I applied Xero Porcelain, default settings.
Drop shadow of choice on original.

Copy and paste doodle1, mirror image. Resize by 80%, duplicate layer, mirror
image, flip. Merge layer down, then move layer to above mask layer.
Add elements of choice.
Add copyright, watermark and your name. Save as png or jpeg, if not animating.

Duplicate doodle layers for a total of 3. On first layer, apply DSB Flux Bright
Noise at 40, mix once. On copy one, intensity at 40, mix twice. On copy two,
intensity at 40, mix 3 times. Hide copy layers. Edit - copy merged into AS,
paste as new animation. Back to PSP, hide original and highlight copy 1, copy
merged into AS, paste after current frame. Back to PSP, hide that layer,
highlight Copy 2, copy merged into AS, paste after current frame. View
animation, save as GIF if happy.

Thank you for trying my tutorial... I hope I didn't confuse anyone.

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Keith Garvey
Kit by Missy of Misfits Scraps
Code by Missy. Please do not remove!!


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